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Now with new lower pricing:  The more you buy, the less you pay per-acre!


Breakline Builder

Breakline Builder analyzes your point clouds and creates breaklines for your digital terrain models. DTM’s have never been this fast, easy, accurate, or affordable.
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Turnaround Speed

After your point cloud has uploaded and you start the process, you can expect to get your breaklines within minutes or hours, depending on project size.

Accuracy Of Data

Our patented software is already in use by companies with very rigorous accuracy policies, with great results.

Ease Of Use

Simply upload your bare-earth classified point cloud. You'll quickly be notified when your data is processed and ready for use.


Datasight's cloud-based processing allows you to simultaneously process as many projects as you want.

New lower pricing makes Breakline Builder even more attractive!



Take us for a Spin

Create your trial account and you’ll receive 2 free jobs and 100 acres of breaklines, on us!

It only takes a moment to sign up. Then, simply upload your boundary and point cloud or DEM files and our engine will get to work producing beautiful, compact breaklines.


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We needed to find ways to do more work with the same staff levels.
The turnaround time is extremely impressive as well with surfaces being ready to download just hours after our data is submitted. Easy, accurate, cost-effective and fast- exactly what we need to stay at the top of our game and grow in today’s market.

Phantom Aerial Surveys



We came to the realization that if we were going to continue to grow our business at our target rate, we needed to find ways to do more work with the same staff levels and that made the implementation of DataSight’s platform a no-brainer.


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