Month: July 2018

DataSight Sponsoring GeoSpatial Data Aquisition

DataSight is proud to be a gold sponsor of the AFB80 summer meeting “Geospatial Data Acquisition Technologies in Design and Construction” July 22 through 25th, 2018 in Sacramento CA. The AFB80 Summer meeting will include technical presentations and field demonstrations. Event topics and demonstrations include: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Mobile/Aerial/Stationary LiDAR, 2022 Datums, Ground Penetrating […]

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DataSight Welcomes Lex Ivey

DataSight is pleased to welcome Lex Ivey to the team. With 20 years of experience in the geospatial industry, Lex will take the role of Director of Data Science and Visualization where he will apply his expertise and creativity toward streamlining complex workflows between data acquisition and client deliverables. In addition, Mr. Ivey’s analytical and […]

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Highway and Terrain Mapping Project

Terrain products from a recent DataSight and AVIAN LLC highway and terrain mapping project where we integrated mobile LiDAR and UAS LiDAR to produced robust accurate mapping. This graphic demonstrates color LAS, classified LAS, slope and curvature data visualizations.  #DataSight leading advance UAS workflows.

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