DataSight Releases Breakline Builder 4.0: Empowering Users with Enhanced Features and Seamless Integration

Las Vegas, NV June 26th 2023 – DataSight, a leading geospatial SAAS company, is proud to announce the release of Breakline Builder 4.0, the latest version of its revolutionary and patent pending cloud-based breakline generating software solution. Breakline Builder 4.0 empowers users with an array of new features, enhanced security, and seamless integration capabilities, improving the way digital terrain models are built and analyzed.

Breakline Builder 4.0 introduces a number of user-centric enhancements that significantly improve the overall user experience. Users are now able to self-register on the platform, simplifying the onboarding process and gaining immediate access to Breakline Builder’s powerful capabilities. With each new registration, users will receive 100 free acres, allowing them to try the software and hit the ground running with their mapping projects. In response to the growing need for robust security measures, Breakline Builder 4.0 also introduces advanced security enhancements, increasing the integrity and speed of user data.

DataSight has also completely redesigned the user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. The new interface streamlines the workflow, providing an efficient and simplified mapping experience. The intuitive design enables users to easily navigate the platform and access its powerful features, maximizing productivity and reducing the learning curve.

One of the most significant additions to Breakline Builder 4.0 is the new breakline engine. This robust engine further transforms how breaklines are created through an expanded capacity to handle larger datasets in addition to delivering superior point filtering. The result is unparalleled precision and data accuracy, enabling users to process data from point clouds with the most efficiency.

“Breakline Builder 4.0 marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize breakline creation,” said Kurt Whorton, Chief Executive Officer at DataSight. “With the introduction of self-registration, enhanced security, an improved user interface, and the advanced breakline engine, we are empowering users to create breaklines with unmatched speed and efficiency. These enhancements further solidify Breakline Builder as the go-to solution for fast, accurate, and actionable terrain modeling.”

Breakline Builder 4.0 will soon integrate seamlessly with AirWorks and Phoenix LidarMill, providing users with expanded capabilities for aerial mapping and analysis, and even more comprehensive lidar data processing capabilities in one solution.

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About DataSight:
DataSight is a US-based geospatial company that processes point cloud data, agnostic to the collection methodology, using cloud-based software to produce data that is highly accurate, incredibly fast, cost-effective, and immediately actionable. DataSight specializes in automating breakline extraction from point clouds using patent‐pending software. You can find additional information on DataSight at, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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David Walden, CFO
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