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UAS/USV vehicles fill a specific niche in environmental monitoring between satellite/airplane surveys and boots on the ground.  Until recently, it has either been a compromise in data quality or inefficient from a cost perspective to accurately characterize sites from 1 to 500 acres.  This is the sweet spot for UAS/USV data collection; the applications of sensor technology for environmental projects are nearly endless.  UAS data can be collected more accurately, faster and safer.  The measurements range from hyperspectral evaluation of sulfate minerals on mine waste rock, ultra-precise mapping of historical structures, or uranium mill tailing surveys.  Additionally, the data is collected with geospatial positioning, so it is readily available for GIS analysis. 

At DataSight we continually work with environmental firms to support their data collection efforts and innovate new workflows for specific environmental applications.  We produce detailed final analysis which documents the project from site control through our entire process including quality control reports.

Our geospatial experts also provide a complete range of unmanned surface vessel (USV) based bathymetric measurements for reservoirs, canals, and rivers. DataSight hydrography teams deploy multi-beam, side scan and underwater LiDAR to provide accurate imaging and mapping surfaces of below water features such as bridge piers, sediment accumulation, or scour. Our data experts can “fuse” above water LiDAR and Imagery mapping of terrain and facilities with underwater Bathymetry mapping of water body bottoms, underwater structures, and canal linings. Our analysis can determine both position and condition while our measurement professionals work safely onshore.

We provide comprehensive integrated data for environmental studies including:

  • Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study Support
  • Habitat Studies
  • GIS support
  • River thermal surveys
  • Wetland health assessment
  • Abandoned Uranium Mine Site Characterization
  • Waste Rock Assessment
  • Archaeological/Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Methane detection
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • Vegetation Assessment
  • Closure/Post Closure Monitoring
  • Change Detection
  • Slope Stability/Rockfall Risk
  • Spill Control Planning
  • Emergency response


Our Deliverable Products Include:

  • Thermography Studies and Inspections
  • LiDAR mapping, bare earth mapping, aspect, curvature and digital terrain models
  • Terrestrial, mobile and UAS survey grade LiDAR systems for mapping complex structures and facilities
  • High Resolution Imagery (up to 100 MP) and orthographic imagery mapping
  • Multispectral/Hyperspectral for vegetation health analysis