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Oil & Gas

DataSight has developed UAS/USV workflows for upstream, midstream and downstream land operations as well as offshore.   We understand the rigorous safety demands of this industry and ensure that our operations are safely planned and safely executed.  We specialize in multi-sensor workflows, provide comprehensive evaluations, and reduce the possibility of false positives. Our workflows are specific to an industry's needs such as fugitive emission testing for linear pipelines, or magnetic surveys to increase the accuracy of directional drilling. These workflows are designed to be scalable and able to be implemented worldwide in support of global operations.

DataSight has integrated data from UAS, manned, and ground-based sensor systems providing high resolution data which yield safe actionable information our customers can use for exploration, development, and production.

  • Methane leak detection for gas pipelines
  • Geotechnical hazard identification for pipelines
  • Right-of-Way Management
  • Well pad magnetic surveys
  • Karst feature mapping
  • Asset Management
  • Offshore Rig Inspection
  • BIM for facilities
  • GIS for linear infrastructure
  • Well pad mapping and construction monitoring
  • Near shore hydrographic surveys
  • Environmental monitoring and spill response