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Power Transmission/Distribution/Generation

DataSight provides complete value-added inspection and mapping services for transmission, distribution, and generation facilities. The robust high resolution of our imagery, video, LiDAR, and thermography products have routinely identified more faults than helicopter-based sensor systems without the human safety exposure of manned aviation.

We work to understand our client’s data quality objectives and what format/software the end users are working with. DataSight builds workflows from the mission planning phase through final reporting that insure safe, accurate and actionable data for our clients.

DataSight has integrated data from UAS, manned and ground-based sensor systems providing high resolution data which yield safe actionable information our customers can use to address their challenges of aging infrastructure and extreme weather conditions.

  • Vegetation Corridor Management Programs
  • Fire Hardening Programs
  • Right-of-Way Management
  • Asset Management
  • BIM for facilities
  • GIS for linear infrastructure
  • PLSCADD BAK and Method 1 Modeling
  • Bathymetry Based Pier Inspections
  • Hydroelectric Dam Inspection
  • Coal Ash Pile Risk Mapping
  • Construction Monitoring and Mapping