As Built

As Built

Whether your infrastructure is 100 years old or just completed, DataSight has measurement workflows to document the structure above or below ground, and underwater.  Our ability to fuse point clouds from UAS LiDAR, imagery, terrestrial scanners and sonar creates dynamic site models that can be relied on again and again as a baseline, or upgrade data set.

As built measurements include:

  • Canal topographic and bathymetric assessment
  • Dam, reservoir and spillway as build design
  • Hydrographic surveys of lakes, reservoirs and tailing ponds
  • Surface and underwater bridge structure assessment
  • Transmission tower sag and alignment evaluation
  • Subsurface utility placement monitoring and verification
  • Well pad, gathering and transmission line as built
  • Substation as built and construction verification
  • As built interior building conduit scanning

As Built Project Examples

Large-Scale Water Transmission

As part of a pilot program, DataSight was contracted to perform a bathymetric assessment of a large water supply canal to understand possible deformation and cracks that were suspected to have been related to land subsidence.  DataSight performed a UAS LiDAR, UAS imagery and USV sonar scan of the canal section to create as built drawings of the canal and perform linear analysis of the structure to quantify canal deformation.  Based on the DataSight information, new insights were developed regarding the scale of infrastructure asset management surveys.

Urban Irrigation Canal

An urban irrigation canal system was evaluated by DataSight evaluate the canal integrity, canal sediment distribution, multispectral evaluation of algal growth and powerline infrastructure.  DataSight used UAS LiDAR, UAS imagery and USV bathymetric sonar to develop a three-dimensional model of the canal, topography, algal health and power distribution lines.  Advance point cloud classification was performed on the powerline infrastructure.  The DataSight program will be expanded to understand sediment buildup and algal mitigation.

Farm Implement Performance Evaluation

DataSight performed a study to quantitatively evaluate the cutting and laydown efficiency of farm machinery.  DataSight used UAS LiDAR, UAS multispectral and UAS imagery to map the cutting rows.  DataSight used SFM analysis for the cut material and used advanced point cloud algorithms to quantify row height, row width and skewness row geometry.

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