Asset Management

Asset Management

DataSight provides relevant information to answer the two biggest questions in infrastructure asset management:  what has changed?; and why has it changed?  The “what” can be cracks, corrosion, movement, heat, or vegetative health.  Information as to why has it changed can assess color changes, thermal state or ground movement.  DataSight’s deep expertise in sensor technology and change detection can select the correct measurement program to understand the root cause and proper scale in infrastructure asset management.

Examples of DataSight Asset Management capabilities include:

  • Site scale assessment of topography, buildings and subsurface/underwater infrastructure
  • Topography change detection
  • Dam or canal deformational change detection
  • Spillway or tailings dam visual assessment
  • Land management and noxious weed control
  • Transmission line corridor tree fall in analysis
  • Gas transmission methane leak detection
  • Right-of-Way verification and incursion assessment

Case Studies

ALTA Survey

DataSight is revolutionizing the detail and speed with which these survey products can be developed. We have utilized orthographic imagery to accelerate the mapping for ALTA/NSPS to a matter of days not weeks. This approach combined with enhanced visualization products including oblique imagery and 360-degree spherical imagery both allowing our customers more detail on site conditions than previously possible.

Dredging Effectiveness Evaluation

DataSight performed a hydrographic evaluation of sediment distribution behind a diversion dam structure.  The purpose of the evaluation was to use unmanned bathymetric multi-beam sonar sensor technology to understand the distribution of sediment buildup and the effectiveness of the ongoing dredging operation.  DataSight use aerial imagery and terrestrial scanning of the diversion structure and a USV to create a seamless model of the structure and underwater sediment.

Irrigation Ditch Leak Detection

Multispectral evaluation of portions of an irrigation ditch network were evaluated using UAS multispectral imagery to evaluate vegetative health as possible indication of ditch leakage.  The imagery was flown in an urban setting and ground control was used to create an orthomosaic of the normalized distribution vegetation index.

Coal Ash Monitoring

DataSight developed a rapid and repeatable survey grade approach to accurately monitoring coal ash piles at one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the US. DataSight collected UAS imagery for as-built volume and coal ash ground surface. We utilize SFM software to develop a three-dimensional point cloud model and produced Autodesk Civil3D® Digital Terrain Model and Orthomosaic. The final cad drawing was verified against independent survey GPS ground shots with root mean square error (RMSE) of 0.15 feet demonstrating the accuracy and repeatability of our project approach.

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