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DataSight welcomes Ashley Meeker

DataSight is growing again adding our second staff member this week. We are pleased to welcome Ashley Meeker to our Las Vegas Office. Ashley is an experienced office administrator and she will lead the Vegas office administration here at DataSight.

#DataSight leading advanced UAS workflows

DataSight Integrated LiDAR and Sonar UAS UAV Low Level Fly Through

DataSight is pleased to share this low level fly through of integrated LiDAR data set for a 400 acre reservoir and 200 acre bathymetry project. DataSight completed this reservoir project utilizing UAS and UAV technology.

DataSight Welcomes Stan Galiczynski

DataSight is growing again. We are pleased to welcome Stan Galiczynski to our Las Vegas Office. Stan is an experienced land surveyor and he will take a Senior Survey Crew Leader role here at DataSight. 

#DataSight leading advanced UAS workflows

Video: Canyon Mapping LiDAR Animation

We are pleased to share this fly through of the deliverable product that DataSight and AVIAN LLC completed. This is both mobile LiDAR (truck mounted LiDAR) and UAS LiDAR (Vapor 55 drone LiDAR) integrated to produce this robust mapping data set of complex canyon terrain in Colorado. This is baseline mapping that our analytic professionals are utilizing to complete a rock fall study. 

Stay tuned for results.

Jason Kack and Brian Fisher Speaking at SPAR 3D Expo in Anaheim

DataSight is pleased to announce that Jason R. Kack, Vice President of Project Delivery, and Brian Fisher, Arizona Geodetic Coordinator, will be speaking at SPAR 3D Expo in Anaheim June 6th at 4:10 PM. Jason and Brian will discuss Integrating UAS LiDAR, Imagery, and UAV Sonar with Geodetic Survey Control for a Dam and Reservoir Project.

#DataSight leading advanced UAS workflows.

Video: The many products DataSight creates from LiDAR and imagery

DataSight is pleased to share this fly through video which demonstrates a 400 acre LiDAR data set as it transitions through elevation view, color LAS, classified LAS, Bare earth model, and finally to cad extraction with digital terrain model and planimetric. 

DataSight are UAS data capture and processing professionals who have the resources and capabilities to support any infrastructure mapping/construction project. 

#DataSight leading advanced UAS workflows