Welcome to Breakline Builder!

A Cloud-based Mapping Solution

Breakline Builder, from DataSight, analyzes your point clouds and creates breaklines for your digital terrain models.

DTM's have never been this fast, easy, accurate, or affordable.

Modern mapping techniques, whether it comes from photos or lasers, create enormous amounts of data (point clouds). Breakline Builder examines the point clouds to find linear features that define the shape of the topography (breaklines). Breaklines take a small fraction of the storage and memory required by point clouds, while maintaining accurate definition of the ground’s shape. We make the big data more useable.

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  • Affordable DTM Data

    We create your breaklines for a small fraction of what you’d pay for offshore processing… and forget about doing it in-house.

  • Tested Accuracy

    Our patent-pending software is being used by companies with stringent accuracy requirements.

  • Incredible Turnaround Speed

    Send us your classified point cloud, we’ll send you breaklines in hours, not weeks or months.

  • Easy To Use Interface →

    Upload your point cloud with a boundary file. Download three sets of breakline data created at different levels of density.