Design requires the highest degree accuracy and precision to ensure confidence in the topography or structure surface.  DataSight’s processing algorithms focus delivering the minimum amount of information to achieve the maximum resolution of the surface.  This keeps our CAD files light and fast and do not unnecessarily burden processing resources.

Typical design support that DataSight provides:

  • Topographic and boundary surveys
  • Baseline condition assessment
  • Routing topography and geohazard identification
  • Rockfall and landslide studies
  • Power line fire hardening support
  • Environmental compliance support
  • Well pad topography to support design

Design Project Examples

Dam and Reservoir Project

DataSight performed UAS LiDAR mapping of a 650-acre dam and reservoir project in mountainous terrain with dense vegetation. DataSight captured over 40 billion LiDAR measurement points and calibrated the data set to local survey control. A bare earth model was created from the 53 million processed ground points as the basis of the final Autodesk Civil3D© Digital Terrain Model. DataSight data capture and LiDAR processing teams created a more accurate and detailed mapping deliverable than can be provided by any other technology today. 

Traffic Engineering & Safety

DataSight responded to request from national engineering firm to support traffic safety study for 11-mile corridor in Nevada. DataSight developed data capture and data processing workflow for video visualization of the 11-mile corridor and 360-degree spherical image captures at every intersection and high frequency accident locations. This new work flow and deliverable has been adopted by our client as standard operating procedure for future projects. 

Industrial Facilities and Data Centers

DataSight utilizes precision FARO LiDAR terrestrial laser scanning to support our BIM modeling for industrial and technology facilities. Our team of LiDAR experts has been published several times for innovation and data excellence. Our capabilities include turn key services from control through scanning/registration, data extraction and modeling.

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