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From their website: Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC™) has patented a unique class of MANTAS™ next generation unmanned vessels. Our unmanned surface and hybrid vessels are accompanied with a robust Command and Control (C2) system known as TASKER™. Our MANTAS USV enables the coverage of open ocean and littoral waterways with extended on-station persistence capability. Our product line of unmanned vessels can range from 2.5' to 50' and capable of extreme high surface speeds. Our patented catamaran hull is suitable for surface, subsurface and unaided air drop operations.

From their website: After a decade of research and development, Pulse Aerospace is leading the charge in ushering a new age of unmanned aircraft systems. The Vapor combines the world’s most advanced autopilot with an FAA-compliant unmanned helicopter for commercial, research, and security applications. Pulse Aerospace’s Vapor delivers up to one hour of flight time on a single battery charge and enhanced flight stability over any other electric UAV helicopter on the market.

From the Avian website: Our professional aviators provide an unsurpassed range of services using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Let us help you as we’ve helped our clients for over ten years – delivering the data products you need – done right the first time, and every time. We offer Test & evaluation experts, to include test pilots, with tens of thousands of flight hours yielding comprehensive expertise and experience in every facet of unmanned flight operations.

State of the art sensors for collecting the precision data you need.

Training expertise for all aspects of unmanned aerial system implementation and operations.

Precision data products tailored to your needs.

From their website: Iris Automation is developing collision avoidance technology, allowing drones to see the world like a pilot does. By unlocking safe beyond visual line of sight flights, Iris Automation technology will enable thousands of companies to increase safety and efficiency in their day-to-day work.