Starting at project conception, DataSight can utilize the information from sensor information to assist in understanding the project in relationship to its surroundings. Data sets can be collected efficiently for multiple scenario evaluations in GIS or CAD, and include data visualization and environmental assessment.

DataSight’s broad expertise in planning projects allows us to provide unmanned technology related to:

  • Topographic assessment for route planning
  • Geohazard risk identification for pipelines
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Flood plain elevation analysis
  • Drainage assessment
  • As built baseline
  • Powerline routing

Planning Project Examples

Dunal Change Detection

DataSight performed an evaluation of dual sand movement at state park to understand the effectiveness of dune stabilization fences.  The analysis performed by using UAS LiDAR technology during separate times and quantifying the change due to the sand fences in the dunal surface from the high-resolution surface topography. 

Rock Fall Evaluation

DataSight processed oblique imagery in structure for motion (SFM) software to develop a three-dimensional point cloud model of a highway rockface to aid the state department of transportation in understanding the geotechnical risk associated with the rock face. 

Large scale housing development

DataSight utilized UAS imagery and video to assist in design of new land development project.  DataSight collected imagery of the site and developed a point cloud representation of the surface topography.  The point cloud was further processed to develop digital terrain model by removing the surface elements and building topographic contours in Autodesk Civil3D© software.  DataSight also provided an aerial video of the property to aid the developer in marketing the project to prospective purchasers.

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