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Through our flight aviation partner, AVIAN, LLC, DataSight utilizes the Pulse Aerospace Vapor Series of UAVs.  We have selected this system for the following features:

  • US Manufactured and critical infrastructure ready
  • Autonomous flight operations
  • Useful payload up to 11 pounds (Vapor 55)
  • Battery cruise endurance up to 60 minutes with maximum payload
  • Ability to integrate wide range of sensors
  • Stable flight profile
  • Excellent safety record
  • Redundant systems for safety



imageIn coordination with MANTAS, DataSight is the exclusive commercial services provider for the  T12 USV (unmanned surface vessel) provided by Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC). MARTAC was incorporated in 2012 to provide unmanned surface vessels (USVs) to the U.S. military based on core technology that the principals of MARTAC have had in development since 2010.

The MANTAS T12 is a twelve-foot, electric motor powered USV made of lightweight carbon fiber that employs a patented aerodynamic/hydrodynamic catamaran hull designed for pitch stability at high speeds, roll stability at low speeds and superior maneuverability. MANTAS vessels have endured hundreds of hours of runtime and have proven to operate and survive in high seas. Today’s MANTAS is a 4th generation system with associated high reliability hardening, low maintenance modular engineering, a complete companion control system (TASKER) and a comprehensive command center (MCC).

The MANTAS T12 USV is an ideal bathymetric sensor platform as it is stable and provides a long GNSS baseline for increased heading alignment. While the hull is rigid (multiple layers of carbon fiber set at varying weave directions) the internal structure adds further rigidity which is necessary for ultra-high- resolution bathymetry because the GNSS antennas, sonar and IMU are fixed over a very short lever arm. Other current USV’s are made of flexible plastic or aluminum sheet metal. The Mantas T12 is stable at varying thruster torques and provides an advantage over other USV’s that have sudden squat moments during thrust, which is difficult even for very high end IMU’s to timely measure. The chosen platform has the ability for long duration endurance on a single charge which further reduces the  need to exchange batteries, thereby decreasing retrieval/deployment frequency and reducing risk. Based on initial site testing in early 2018, a newer control algorithm was created to allow for faster control responses for immediate correction to upwellings.

On-board Equipment

Navigation, Power train, Controls

  • 2 x 25 horsepower electric drive motors
  • High power, high resolution digital motor speed controllers
  • High performance, ruggedized hardened steel drive train with closed-loop cooling system
  • MARTAC proprietary LAMPREY propellers – multiple designs for varied environments
  • 2 x 50 Amp hour Lithium NMC batteries
  • MARTAC TASKER communication and control system
  • Multi-layer concurrent communications system (4G, Wi-Fi, LOS)
  • MARTAC TRACER controller for survey and current environments