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Who We Are

DataSight - Safe, Accurate, Quantifiable

Who We Are

The founding idea in the formation of DataSight was to provide a service of implementing safe data solutions using customized UAS/USV workflows.  It does not matter if the project is a routine inspection of powerlines or a complicated rockfall risk evaluation in a steep mountain canyon, the planning process will always include a data deliverable and a UAS/USV craft equipped with sensor.  

What typically happens in the project planning process is that the discussions revolve around photogrammetry versus LiDAR, or fixed wing versus rotary UAVs.  However, the planning discussions need to include and assessment of the data users, the accuracy requirements, job safety analysis, processing software, and secure data storage.  When all  factors are included, the job suddenly looks much more complicated and difficult to perform.  We refer to this as the “UAS/USV Implementation Chasm” that forms between the collection of relevant data by suitable UAS/USV, and the successful conversion of that data into actionable information. 

DataSight specializes in developing the processes and procedures that bridge the “chasm” by developing safe UAS/USV specific workflows.  We build UAS programs that look at the data first, then develop the specific UAS/USV safety analysis and data collection program to obtain the project specific data.

UAS/USV Technology Enablement and Optimization Services Through Customized Workflow Solutions

All the DataSight technical leadership come from a long history of professional consulting expertise in survey, geology, engineering, hydrology and data analysis.  Our careers were built on our ability to collect high-quality data for power, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and governmental agencies.  We understand the value of data and what it means to stake professional reputations on field measurements.  We further understand that aviation is also a science, and partner with aviation experts, such as AVIAN, LLC to perform our UAS flight operations.  Safe, accurate and quantifiable data collection in the air, on the water, on the ground.

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