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Datasight was founded by experienced surveying, engineering, hydrologic, geologic, and geospatial professionals with extensive experience in these fields. We developed Breakline Builder as an in-house response for a better solution to breakline creation. We’ve evolved that solution into a SaaS product called Breakline Builder that can be used by anyone who wants to create surfaces faster, tighter, with more consistency and affordability. Breakline Builder is as simple as uploading a ground-classified point cloud (LAS or LAZ) and a bounding polygon (SHP or DXF) to define your area of interest. The data processing is all automatic, with a downloadable ZIP file with breaklines available usually within a few hours. It’s that simple.

kurt whorton

ceo, datasight
“We are thrilled to introduce Breakline Builder, which enables fast and accurate data compression. This will allow teams to use the data and focus on what they do best.”


management team

kurt whorton


Ash Eldritch


David Walden


Luke Bingham



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