breakline builder

A Cloud-Based Mapping Solution
Breakline Builder, analyzes your point clouds and creates breaklines for your digital terrain models. DTM’s have never been this fast, easy, accurate, or affordable.

Modern mapping techniques, whether it comes from photos or lasers, create enormous amounts of data (point clouds). Breakline Builder examines the point clouds to find linear features that define the shape of the topography (breaklines). Breaklines take a small fraction of the storage and memory required by point clouds, while maintaining accurate definition of the ground’s shape. We make the big data more useable.

breakline builder

how it works

Our IP reduces data to manageable sizes. Data is processed to extract meaningful metrics according to application.

breakline builder

Frequently Asked Questions

We create your breaklines for much less than you can do in-house and a small fraction of what you would pay for offshore processing.
Our patent pending software is already in use with companies that have very rigorous accuracy policies. DTM’s from our process typically have less than 0.07% divergence from the bare-earth points.
When you upload a classified point cloud data, your breaklines will be returned in hours—not days, weeks, or months. We can typically process around 9 to 10 acres per second.  We’ve processed 17,000 acres in 3.5 hours before by running multiple processes concurrently.
Upload your ground-classified point cloud as LAS or LAZ and include a boundary as DXF or SHP. When it’s finished, download a Zip file with three full sets of breaklines drawn at varying density levels (LOW, MED, HIGH).  That’s it!
Absolutely! We can sign up as many as you need.
Yes, our cloud-based architecture allows for simultaneous processing of multiple files with no loss of speed.

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