New Pricing Alert!

We are committed to your success in terrain modeling, which is why we’re offering our groundbreaking Breakline Builder software at a new lower price! Our new prepaid pricing lowers the price per acre down to $1.50 or less – which is at least half of our pay-as-you-go pricing at $3 per acre. Sign up and … Read more

Top Issues Associated with Incorrect Breaklines

Breaklines are essential tools used to accurately represent the shape and form of the terrain in the world of surveying and mapping. These lines represent changes in the elevation or slope of the land, and they are critical to creating accurate models and maps. However, inaccurate breaklines can lead to a host of problems that … Read more

The Importance of Accurate Breaklines

If you don’t have accurate breaklines for your Digital Terrain Model (DTM), you may encounter several issues that could affect the quality and usability of your final DTM. Breaklines are important in representing terrain features and ensuring that the DTM accurately portrays the topography of the area. Inaccurate or missing breaklines can lead to the … Read more

Breaklines 101

Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) are important for geography, surveying, civil engineering, and other professionals who need to visualize and analyze terrain information. A DTM is a three-dimensional representation of the ground surface, showing the elevation and shape of the terrain. This information is typically derived from data gathered through various surveying methods and is then … Read more

Breaklines vs Contour Lines

Both contours and breaklines are representations of the shape of a piece of ground.  A contour represents a slice of the terrain at a specific elevation.  Contours allow the viewer to see changes in elevation at a glance, but provide only a rough digital model of the surface.  Breaklines, when done correctly, provide specific detail … Read more

Breakline Builder: Automatic Data Processing

Datasight was founded by experienced surveying, engineering, hydrologic, geologic, and geospatial professionals with extensive experience in these fields.  We developed Breakline Builder as an in-house response for a better solution to breakline creation.  We’ve evolved that solution into a SaaS product called Breakline Builder that can be used by anyone who wants to create surfaces … Read more

Datasight releases Breakline Builder!

DataSight Introduces Breakline Builder,Leveraging Patent-Pending Software for Automated Breakline Extraction Las Vegas NV, June 28 2022 DataSight recently launched Breakline Builder, a cloud-based mapping solution. The solution analyzes point clouds (from LiDAR or photo) and creates breaklines, which are a more compressed and useable data format for building terrain models. Breakline Builder allows users to … Read more

Our Secret Sauce

DataSight is pleased to share this visual of our secret sauce. Our custom algorithm and workflow produce these robust breaklines and 16x file compression on final DTM for cad as compared to our competitors. Our deliverable has beautiful contouring which is a result of our workflow.

No shortcuts on QA at Datasight!

Wrapping up another great week here at DataSight. We were asked if we still did the “cool RMSE maps” that we showed in the fall of 2019. The answer is YES, every time and every project. Quality control is a fundamental step for every single project we produce.

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